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Anatomical Pathology Services

Anatomical pathology refers to the tests performed by medical laboratories on organs, cell clusters and tissue specimens taken from the human body. It is one of two branches of pathology. Anatomical pathology is a medical specialty that is concerned with the diagnosis of disease based on the macroscopic, microscopic, biochemical, immunologic and molecular examination of organs and tissues.

Creative Bioarray's anatomical pathology platform can provide a full range of diagnostic services. Our anatomical pathology laboratory uses the most advanced technology to perform accurate pathological evaluations, which can provide you with the necessary support for your pharmacodynamic research, safety evaluation, and conversion model research.

Our services include but are not limited to:

Gross examination

Gross examination is the process by which pathology specimens are inspected with the bare eye to obtain diagnostic information, while being processed for further microscopic examination.


Examine the cell suspension of the tissue that has fallen off the surface of the tissue or aspirated with a fine needle. Cytopathology is mainly based on the abnormal conditions in the cells to study the causes of diseases, pathogenesis, and the law of changes in the physiological functions of cells during the occurrence of diseases, so as to propose the basis for diagnosis and prevention of diseases.

Blood pathology examination

Morphology is the basis of pathological diagnosis. The morphological examination of the hematopoietic system must also provide bone marrow biopsy, bone marrow smear and peripheral blood smear. The diagnosis of blood diseases is traditionally based on the pathology of the patient's bone marrow, the pathology of the lymphatic system, and abnormal blood clotting. The diagnosis of hematological tumors requires comprehensive morphology, immunology, genetics and molecular biology indicators.

Surgical pathology:

Surgical pathology refers to the examination of solid tissue specimens obtained by biopsy or surgical resection. The practice of surgical pathology allows for definitive diagnosis of disease in any case where tissue is surgically removed from a patient. This is usually performed by a combination of gross and histologic examination of the tissue, and may involve evaluations of molecular properties of the tissue by immunohistochemistry or other laboratory tests.

Autopsy Pathology

Necropsy observation is a method of using the relevant knowledge of pathological anatomy to examine the pathological changes of the corpse to diagnose the disease.

Creative Bioarray can provide you with fast, accurate and convenient services. Our pathology laboratory uses the latest technology, methods and equipment to meet all your needs. Please contact us for more detail information.

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