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Biospecimens contain molecules that can be analyzed to characterize diseases. Research on biospecimens is particularly helpful for understanding the beginning and progress of disease processes. This understanding can provide a bridge between emerging molecular information and clinical information to diagnose and treat disease in a newer and more effective way.

High-quality biospecimens are those whose biological characteristics most closely resemble the biology of the biospecimens prior to their removal from the research participants. Once the biospecimen is collected, it may present new characteristics based on changes in the biospecimen's environment. Such changes may lead to inaccurate determinations of the molecular and physical characteristics of the biospecimen in subsequent analysis. Therefore, every attempt should be made to reduce the impact of biospecimen handling on the integrity of biospecimen.

Creative Bioarray has developed standard operating procedures to reduce variability in the collection and storage of biospecimen. Creative Bioarray is your one-stop source for biospecimens to meet your precise research needs. Our extensive and expanding network comprises millions of biospecimens from research participants with various medical conditions, including oncology, neurology, endocrinology, dermatology, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and infectious diseases, as well as normal adjacent tissue. We can also work with you to obtain other types specimens needed for your research.

Available Biospecimens

Features of Our Biospecimens

  • Detailed specimen data
  • Various specimen formats and collection types
  • Simplified procurement

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