Histology Services

Creative Bioarray provides advanced contract research organization (CRO) histological technology for testing and evaluation of tissue samples. We have a well-equipped laboratory for routine and special methods in histology.

Creative Bioarray offers a wide range of histological techniques including standard processing and embedding methods, larger specimens processing, serial and stepped sectioning, frozen specimens sectioning, and a variety of staining techniques. Valuable tissues can be collected and processed on-site under the supervision of a board-certified pathologist. Histopathology laboratory services are also provided on fixed tissues from outside sources.

With extensive knowledge of histological techniques and histopathology of human and animal tissues, Creative Bioarray can customize histology solutions according to the customers' needs. We also have experts in different fields who can provide specialized and personalized advice on project planning and development.

Some of our histology services include:

  • Routine and special fixations
  • Tissue trimming, processing, and embedding (paraffin, cryo and resin embedding)
  • Multi-tissue block and cytoblock preparations
  • High-quality sectioning
  • A full range of routine and special histology staining
  • Imaging, histomorphometry and analysis
  • Histopathological assessment and reporting

Save your time and energy with our state-of-the-art laboratory and professional technicians. Creative Bioarray guarantees high-quality results for your custom requirements. If you need help with sectioning, embedding, staining, IHC and IF, imaging and analysis, let our trusted team of scientists help you take the stress out of your research.

Creative Bioarray histology workflowFigure 1. Creative Bioarray histology workflow.

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