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Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization

Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) is a macromolecule recognition technology based on the complementary properties of DNA or DNA/RNA double strands. Unlike most other techniques used to study chromosomes, FISH does not require actively dividing cells. This adds flexibility and increases the ability to identify and characterize cytogenetic abnormalities.

FISH and the related in situ hybridization (ISH) techniques provide complementary genomic information to qPCR, ddPCR, NGS, and NanoString techniques. This technology was initially developed as a physical mapping tool to delineate genes within chromosomes. Its high analytical resolution to a single gene level and high sensitivity and specificity enables an immediate application in genetic diagnosis of constitutional common aneuploidies, microdeletion/microduplication syndromes, and subtelomeric rearrangements. FISH tests using panels of gene-specific probes for somatic recurrent losses, gains, and translocations have been routinely applied for hematologic and solid tumors, and are one of the fastest growing areas in cancer diagnosis. FISH has also been used to detect infectious microbia and parasites such as malaria in human blood cells.

Creative Bioarray offers FISH services for a variety of specimen types, including non-paraffin, paraffin and paraffin tissue microarrays. Our FISH services can be performed to enumerate the copy number of cancer-related genes and patterns of gene-related gains and losses; map the location of DNA sequences, genes or transgene insertions; and determine the presence or absence of interspecies cells in xenograft or chimeric animal models. With our FISH services, Creative Bioarray will provide you with a written report that includes a brief description of the methods used, a brief description of the results, and final conclusion of the tests.

Our FISH Capabilities

Creative Bioarray's fluorescence in situ hybridization service enables the detection of cytogenetic abnormalities at the single cell level.

  • Commercially available FISH assays
  • FISH in CTCs, CECs, FFPE, frozen tissue, and bone tissue
  • Detect cellular genetic aberrations: multiploidy, translocations, amplifications or deletions
  • Custom probe design and validation services
  • Proprietary disease-specific FISH panels
  • Tailored analysis and reporting

Our FISH Applications

The chromosome dynamics service provided by Creative Bioarray consists of a range of different FISH applications including:

  • Metaphase and interphase FISH (chromosomal assignment and clone ordering)
  • Fibre-FISH (high resolution mapping)
  • Chromosome painting
  • M-FISH (multi-colour karyotyping)
  • RNA-FISH (cell-based gene expression assay)
  • ImmunoFISH (combined FISH and immunofluorescence)
  • Copy number variation
  • Flow-FISH (quantify telomere length)

Our full menu of FISH panels and tests provide you with flexible ordering options, so you can always contact us with any questions.


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