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FISH probes provide a practical method for detecting gene aberrations, including gene amplification, deletion, chromosome/gene copy number change, chromosome translocation, gene expression at the RNA level, and bacterial/viral detection.

FISH probes are designed to identify genomic aberrations in formalin fixed, paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissues, blood specimens, bone marrow and aspirates. The combination of our novel FISH probe technology with cell isolation techniques provides unprecedented analytical accuracy for FFPE specimens, raising the bar on performing more precise analysis for the chromosomal disorders in specific cells of interest.

Creative Bioarray's constitutional range includes our satellite enumeration probes, subtelomere probes, and locus-specific probes. We have over 150 FISH probes for hematology, pathology and constitutional cytogenetics.

Benefits of Our FISH Probes

High-affinity FISH probes offer fast, sensitive and specific detection of chromosomal DNA.

  • Design your own FISH probes or let us do the design for you
  • Short hybridization time
  • Suitable for both fixed cells and chromosome spreads
  • Multiplexing capability
  • Available with different labels

Custom FISH Probes

Creative Bioarray specializes in custom development of FISH probes based on customer requirements. Our custom FISH solutions extend beyond single-gene, single-region analysis. Our FISH probe panels use multiple probes, each labelled with a unique fluorophore. This allows for the simultaneous identification of several possible anomalies in a single sample. By working in partnership with you, we can deliver probes to meet your specific requirements. From a simple modification of an existing catalog product, to a completely new and innovative project, you can be confident that our expert team will design and deliver a probe you can rely on.

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