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Histological Image Analysis

Histological image analysis is performed by examining tissue sections under a light (optical) or electron microscope, based on which manual or automated analysis can be conducted to detect diseased tissues. Image analysis involves the computer-assisted quantification of various measurement parameters. Typical measurement parameters include object count, linear measurement, area measurement, and relative color intensity. Image analysis has proven to be valuable in identifying and documenting the subtle induced changes in tissues. Compared to the less precise or more laborious “manual” quantification methods, image analysis has numerous potential advantages including improved objectivity and consistency, enhanced sensitivity, and shorter turnaround times, especially for projects where measurements can be automated. In addition, image analysis provides a permanent record of the data, produces results that are highly amenable to statistical analysis, and allows user to collect data that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to obtain.

High standards of staining and imaging are the base for reliable and accurate results of image analysis and histomorphometry. Creative Bioarray offers flexible imaging services with superior image quality, utilizing bright field, dark field and polarization imaging. Our imaging services include conventional and digital whole slide scanning imaging.

Image Analysis Expertise

  • Co-localization measurement
  • Nuclear quantification
  • Membrane quantification
  • Sub-cellular localization and expression
  • Microvessel detection and quantification
  • Target markers, protein, RNA and mRNA expression analysis
  • Rare event detection
  • Tissue microarray analysis
  • Protein-protein interaction
  • Tissue reactivity and scoring

Benefits of Creative Bioarray's Image Analysis

  • Trained technician
  • Multiple digital image workstations
  • Up-to-date image analysis software
  • Automated data collection
  • Professional reports
  • Available statistical analysis
  • In-house quality assurance audit
  • Integration with sample and data archiving services

With over 20 years of experience in this field, our experienced staff can also provide quantitative datasets based on the individual requirements, and are therefore able to develop customized analysis methods to meet a wide range of image analysis challenges. Please get in touch to learn how Creative Bioarray can help with histopathological image analysis for your biomarker or pathology research.

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