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DNA Microarray

DNA microarrays (or DNA chips) have been the most commonly used technique during the last two decades to globally monitor the cellular abundances of transcript species. A DNA microarray is a collection of microscopic DNA spots attached to a solid surface. Each DNA spot contains many thousands of copies of a specific DNA sequence, known as probes. These usually correspond to a short section of a gene generally at the 3′ end. Each microarray contains one or a few probe sets for each interrogated gene. These are used to hybridize a cDNA sample (the target) under high-stringency conditions. Probe–target hybridization is usually detected and quantified by detection of fluorophore-, silver-, or chemiluminescence-labeled targets to determine the relative abundance of transcripts in the target sample. By hybridizing nucleic acid targets including DNA and RNA extracted from a specimen to a DNA microarray, various statuses of DNA and RNA can be analyzed, including determination of nucleic acid sequences of the targets, analysis of gene mutations, measurement of expression levels and copy number of genes, and analysis of methylation status.

Our DNA microarray platform delivers the high quality and consistent arrays, which will give investigators higher confidence in using microarray to study gene expression.

DNA Microarray Services

  • cDNA microarrays - uses complementary DNA strands formed by transcription of mRNA
  • Oligo DNA microarrays - uses chemically synthesized oligo DNA as probes
  • BAC microarrays - uses template amplified by polymerase chain reaction as the probe
  • SNP microarrays - used to detect polymorphisms within a population

Key Features

  • Complete flexibility (all species)
  • Optimized and validated hybridization probes
  • Cost-effective one-stop solution
  • Available in various array formats to suit your needs
  • Experienced technicians handling various research and clinical sample type


  • Gene expression and discovery
  • Predicting gene function
  • Expression profile as a “fingerprint” of cellular or disease phenotype
  • Detection of mutations and polymorphisms
  • Linking cell pathways
  • Drug discovery and drug target validation

Creative Bioarray is a leading biotechnology company providing a full range of services to develop high quality customized microarrays for research, diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Our comprehensive services are available to both internal and external customers, enabling you to better meet the needs of evolving research projects. So, what you need is just to send us your samples, we can provide you with the qualified final report. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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