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Tissue is composed of cell and intercellular substance. Various cells have certain morphological and structural characteristics, synthesize special proteins related to functions, and express certain metabolic characteristics and functional activities. The stability of the tissue microenvironment is an important condition for maintaining cell proliferation, differentiation, metabolism and functional activities. Abnormal changes in microenvironmental components can also cause pathological changes in cells. There are many types of organizations, and each organization has some common morphological and structural characteristics and related functions.

Application Research Services

Histology is a microscopic study of biological tissues, studying their formation, structure and function. It is a branch of anatomy in medical science. In the research of histology, the microscope is a very important research tool. The structure seen under a general optical microscope is called the light mirror structure. The structure displayed under the electron microscope is called ultrastructure. The study of the organizational structure and function of different animal species is called comparative histology. The application of experimental methods to study the dynamic changes of tissue structure and function, the regulation or influence of physical and chemical factors or biological factors, and the mechanism of pathogenicity and carcinogenesis are called experimental histology. Exploring the function of cells and tissues and the mechanism of their abnormal changes at the molecular level belongs to molecular biology.

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