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FFPE Tissue

Formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue specimens are mainly used by the medical community and researchers to preserve biopsy samples in formaldehyde and then embed them into paraffin wax blocks. This process preserves the proteins and structures of the tissue. After storing it into a block, thin slices of the FFPE block can be made and is then mounted on a microscope slide to enable examination.

FFPE is a great commodity to the research and medical field as it is an inexpensive and easy way to store and archive tissue specimens. It also maintains the integrity of the specimen for a long period of time and can therefore be used retrospectively in many studies, reducing the time required to track down specific tissues that fit the research criteria.

At Creative Bioarray, all FFPE tissue specimens are collected by certified medical pathologists under the approval of IRB. Tissues are fixed in 10% neutral-buffered formalin for 30 to 60 minutes after surgical resection. Fixing agents and embedding media can be customized upon request. Standard-sized FFPE tissue can produce at least 500 x 4-5µm cuts. The collection of all samples is in full compliance with regulatory standards and best-practice guidelines. From resection to storage to shipment, each specimen is handled carefully and precisely to ensure the highest quality specimens are delivered to our customers.

FFPE Tissue Collection Formats

Our FFPE tissue specimens are offered in several formats to meet the needs of biomedical research:

  • Individual FFPE tissue samples (diseased or normal)
  • FFPE diseased or normal tissues with matched blood products or biofluids
  • FFPE diseased and normal adjacent tissues from a single donor
  • Paired FFPE and fresh frozen tissues (diseased or normal) from a single donor
  • FFPE tumor and metastatic tissues from a single donor
  • FFPE and fresh frozen tumor and normal adjacent tissues from a single donor

FFPE Tissue Specimens Currently in Our Inventory

  • FFPE Tissue Blocks
  • FFPE Tissue Sections


FFPE tissue has many applications in research. Some of the therapeutic areas include:

  • Oncology – Preserved tumor tissues have characteristic morphologies that can be used in diagnostics and therapeutics.
  • Hematology – Preserved bone marrow has shown that it is involved in toxicology, tissue regeneration, genetics, and thus, can help treat diseases and anomalies of the blood.
  • Immunology – Preserved tissue from an individual with autoimmune disease helps to determine the response, cause, and possible medication of the immune system in a diseased state.
  • Normal – Preserved tissue from healthy donors can be used for comparative studies and is also important for research and development.

Creative Bioarray has extensive expertise in the procurement of human samples and has a unique advantage in providing a comprehensive approach to meet the research needs of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Our clients include virtually all major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as numerous academic and government research institutions. Please contact us for more detailed information.


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